About Me

I am a Junior at Northwestern University studying Computer Science, advised by Prof. Doug Downey and Prof. Thrasos Pappas. My current research focuses on methods of evaluating and improving models for Natural Language Processing.

My academic interests include: machine learning, signal processing, computer vision and natural language processing. Currently, I’m particularly excited by semi-supervised and active learning.


> Research Assistant, Northwestern EECS January 2017 - Present

Principal Investigator: Prof. Doug Downey
I developed and co-authored a paper on the VecShare framework for sharing word embeddings online. This work was published in the Proceedings of EMNLP 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am currently investigating importance sampling as a tool for efficiently learning statistical language models.

> Teaching Assistant, Northwestern EECS March 2017 - December 2017

Courses: Discrete Math, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
I held weekly office hours, graded, and provided assistance on assignments and course materials.

> Research Support Intern, SLAC National Laboratory June - August 2015

I processed and created visualizations of x-ray diffraction patterns to ease analysis of superconductor experimental data.

> Summer Research Intern, Stanford Earth June 2013 - August 2014

Principal Investigator: Prof. Kim Blisniuk (Cosmogenic Radiation Laboratory)
I determined slip rates on the San Andreas Fault using Be-isotope dating. I was involved identified field locations for sample collection and isolated quartz samples for mass spectroscopy. I received invitations to present at AGU Fall Conferences (2013, 2014).


> VecShare Python Library July 2017

Check out my Python Library for the VecShare framework! The library supports upload and download of word embeddings to a shared online repository, and provides multiple methods for selecting an accurate embedding for your specific NLP task.

If you run into any errors while using the library, please file an issue.

> PocketIan: Course Advising Chatbot, WildHacks November 2016

My team created a chatbot to provide automated course advising for Northwestern EECS students. I developed the question parsing engine and managed data scraping and cleaning of course data.

Updates, Thoughts, etc.

> I am originally from Sunnyvale, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area.
> I am excited to be working with Google as a Software Engineering Intern for Summer 2018.
> Outside of academics my other interests include: cooking, hiking, skiing, & going to concerts.
> I am currently listening to: KAYTRANADA, BadBadNotGood, and Kamasi Washington.